Church of Bitcoin

Welcome to the Church of Bitcoin. Founded on August 7th, 2017, the Church of bitcoin has a simple and clear mission. We want to free the world from the oppression that is currently enabled by government and central bank control over exchange. We believe that any two consenting parties should be able to freely exchange or trade without any governing body or third party interfering with their transaction. We believe that bitcoin will enable us to achieve that reality. Our scripture is short and simple. The whitepaper written by our prophet Satoshi Nakamoto is our core document. In cryptography we trust. We embrace open-source philosophy and freedom of information.

To join Church of Bitcoin, simply email [email protected] To be listed as a verified contributing member, send one satoshi or more to 1639GivwzZ2aXRsxxkYvxJDCUFwhvvd7sB and then email your transaction ID and your real name to [email protected] -- this guarantees lifetime membership in the Church of Bitcoin and will ensure that you are listed on our members page as a verified donor. Non-members are also welcome to donate. Donations are tax-deductible; our EIN is 82-2484856. Members making larger contributions may receive a t-shirt or other benefits. If you are interested in contributing to the Church of Bitcoin in other ways, such as volunteering your time or other resources, you can contact us at [email protected]